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22nd September 2005

antiherosquall9:13pm: RP scene that's for Squall and Rinoa ;)
It's been a few days, and Squall didn't have a lot to say to Rinoa. He's never been really talkative. Only spoke when he needed to. Inside, he felt relieved to see and hear from his love again. Very thankful for that.

Hesitantly, he asked Rinoa, "Did you eat?" Maybe it was something to start off as a normal conversation. Who was he fooling? Only himself...
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15th September 2005

detectivecoombs8:09am: The Investigation Continues
OOC: Hey everybody! Anyone can join in but Squall and Rinoa. They'll probably get their own seperate scene. Sorry that I've been away. Stupid Bell's Palsy...

"Yes, thank you for your time," Coombs said to Gippal, feeling he's asked all he needed from the young man. He was jotting the notes down in his little, pocket sized notepad. When he finished writing, he placed his yellowish number 2 pencil behind his ear and kept the notepad out.

So, who's next, the detective wondered, scanning around the cafeteria. He saw a group of familiar people. Yuna, Liz, Seifer, Sophia... He recalled their names silently. Even the new girl was there, who seemed bright enough. Rikku was her name, right? Since she was newest, he'd ask her questions later.

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27th August 2005

major_paine9:13pm: After arriving at her dorm, Paine closed the door and locked it. She didn't know exactly why she was listening to what the ghost had told her, but the girl seemed pretty worried.

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OOC: Anyone can reply, I guess. Rikku, Yuna, anyone.
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20th July 2005

devil_killer8:52am: Sabby trains, but with who watching her?
After eating a small lunch nearly thirty minutes ago, Sabbrianith had told Benjy that she wanted to do some training, and left for the Training Center.
At this time of day, the TC was empty except for the monsters that roamed free. This, she liked. She had arrived at the TC five minutes ago, after grabbing her specially-made sword and knife out of her dorm. Sokra, she guessed, was the one who had left them in there for her. Though, it could’ve been any other of the group members.
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OOC: Open to Amarant! Hope you can work from this ;)

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9th July 2005

sophiaalmasy8:07pm: Lunch Time!
Sophia followed them to the cafeteria, Seifer beside her and Luci following at her heels. "I'm hungree," she heard the girl repeat for the fifth time. "Food's comin', don't worry." Picking the girl up, she continued to walk. Hopefully things get cleared up around here a bit. She'd like that, but she knew it probably wasn't going to clear up completely any time soon. Even a little bit would help...

OOC: Okay, so, not very long...but... I didn't know who was in the cafeteria at the time so I'll just let Amanda post next and wait... I know Paine and Rikku are in there, but don't know about anyone else and I'd rather wait to ask just in case.

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8th July 2005

terranprettyboy1:23am: I was talking with Zidane, regarding my official status as a Double-Agent, though my true agendas were unknown to both sides.
Things in the conversation were going well. We were talking, and I found the conversation peaceful, almost refreshing in a sense.

It seemed to make me realize what I was getting into, and how far I was going in.
How careful I would have to be, how strong and how much I would have to watch out for..

Strange.. the things I get myself in to.

Still, we were talking, and all seemed going well.
Imagine my surprise when a girl with a tail, just like me and Zidane, only one I've never seen before, came falling from the sky! Well.. not the sky, but not actually falling from a tree or somesuch. She just appeared..and fell.
Pretending not to notice, I saw her pick herself up after looking at me with a strange glance, almost a glare.
Hmm.. I wonder. Did she come from Gaia? Or from Terra? Is she a Genome? Or is this a sickening coincidence?

"Um...Zidane. I do believe we have company." I said slightly, trying my best not to get the girls attention so I didn't startle her.
She was rather lovely..her expressions were beautiful, and her eyes..
Those dark, stunning eyes..
One could fall in them and get stuck, I fear. I must do my best to stay afloat, should I not?

((Open to Zidane, to be followed by Mikoto))

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2nd July 2005

_elan_1:00am: People just don't know when to leave a man alone.
These stupid morons here keep bugging me. "Why" this and "Where" that.
It's pissin' me off man.

Why can't they just bug off and let me figure things out on my own?
If they're gonna help ne out, they should just help, and instead of asking questions, give me directions OUT of this hellhole.

For once, I'm missing the hellhole I was in before.

"Hey, Listen. Instead of pissing me off and making me look like a moron, could you tell me how to get back home? I'm not knowing anywhere around this place."

I knew the anser I would get, but I'm wantin' to get home that damn bad.

((Open to Anyone!))


16th June 2005

terras_girl9:59pm: I fell.
I was, at the time, working on proper use of my tail. I still had not mastered the Art of having a prehensile organ.
I lost my grip with it, only two feet above the ground. And yet, I know I’ve fallen much further.

Landing in an ungraceful position, I quickly stood.

Looking up, I saw a face that I’d never seen in person before, but it was one I had pictured so clearly in my mind. One I had dreamt about endlessly.


No one had seen or heard from him since his last battle with the Tribal party. The smile that played over his face seemed so genuine, so warm…

Could it have been him that had committed all those crimes?

I admit, there were a few traits I admired about him, even while he was terrorizing and causing destruction all over Gaia.

He was powerful, true. He possessed great strength. With that, he carried great intelligence. And no fear, so it seemed. And while my counterparts on Bran Bal seemed soulless, Kuja differred completely.

I also admired that about him, held it in highest regard; He always did things on his own. He required very little, if any at all, assistance in things he did, entirely different than Zidane, who always depended on his allies for help.

But now, facing Kuja.. I don't know how to react, or what to say.. and I hope he's not noticed me.
((Open to Kuja, and anyone else who's near him..which would be Zidane at this moment..))


12th June 2005

herati_aldale8:21pm: On the deck of the flying Highwind.
White clouds rolled across the sky proudly displaying their grace and majesty. Through the breaks of the rolling mass one could see the green of the land that lay far beneath.

Herati was leaning against a guardrail on the deck of the Highwind as he gazed out to the spectacular scene before him. Whether his mind was out into the distance or residing between his two ears, he didn’t really know and it didn’t really matter. The time from Costa Del Sol to now seemed like a blur which was a little too uncomfortable for his taste. It might have been the sun or perhaps the sights that set his mind for a little trip but regardless, something did happen.

The clouds slowly dispersed and revealed of the expansive countryside that they were passing over. Small towns and farms dotted the green and fertile land. Far in the distance a small glimmering speck of perhaps another airship was cruising through the clouds.

Pulling away from the guardrail, Herati sat down on a secured cargo box. He let out a light breath as he let his eyes focus away form the distance and to the sketchbook in his hands. Herati opened the black leatherbound book to a blank page and pulled out a pencil. The wind was strong but his drive to capture this scene was stronger. And with that, the young man began to draw away.

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10th June 2005

major_paine10:32pm: The Tour with Paine as the Guide! YIKES!!
Paine led Rikku out of the dorm and down the hall. When they exited the dormitory, Paine pointed to the right. "Over there is the cafeteria, the Infirmary, the Quad; and over there," she pointed to the left. "Is the Parking Lot, the Library, and the Training Center. End of tour." Short tour, yes, but Paine was never one to...do this kind of thing. "You shouldn't have too much trouble finding places around here; everything has signs in front of it."

Crossing her arms, she looked sideways at the hyper one. "Yuna may be in her dorm, I don't know." And like I really care where Gippal is right now. "Nooj is here also, but I don't know where he is either. Possibly eating breakfast. Who knows." She shrugged. "Any questions?"
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rappingrapiers9:42pm: Back with Benjy the newcomer and Sabby aka Abrianna
As they sat outside of the cafeteria, as they had been for a while, Benjy's eyes were still glowing. Which meant something was going on, but he was getting sick of it. He was not in the mood to fight, so he would just have to ignore it and hope Abrianna would not comment.

"I'm getting kinda tired of sitting...ya wanna go walk around for a bit?" he asked. His rear really was getting sore, having been walking more than anything else except running in his entire life.

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sophiaalmasy8:49pm: Rinoa had joined them and Sophia was glad that she was all right. She hadn't seen her in a while, ever since they arrived back at Garden. Things have just been hectic lately, that was all. Demetra showing up and all the other good things.

Sophia looked over at Rinoa. "We're kinda worried about Gippal, so after we check-up on Luci, we'll check up on him. I haven't seen him lately, but I think Liz has." Her gaze fell on Liz. "The last thing I heard about him was that he and Paine got into a fight and are still fighting."

"I wouldn't call it fighting, sis. They just ain't talking to each other." Seifer pointed out.

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8th June 2005

iamquistis10:37pm: I still don't understand what I'm feeling.
Something inside is trying its level best to burst through my mind and take control of me.

I must perservere! I can't let it gain control, even though I know what it is.

I've been researching, day in and day out, since I talked with Validus.
Annabel is dead. I'll find out why later.

Now.. it is myself that I'm worried about to die. Not anyone else at the particular moment..

I still have my Sorceress Powers.
Now.. here's the choice:
Do I bind them, and lose my power? Maybe. It may be of use..

Or..do I not bind them, and try and take control?
I don't want to be a burden to anyone, but I do want to be a use. I'm scared yes, but Rinoa has taken control of her powers..

Can I do the same?


princessrinoa11:07am: Where Rinoa has been all this time...
sigh...I've been holed up in this library for...well, a long time. I still can't find the book I was looking for, so I don't think they have it here. I wonder what Squall's been up to all this time? Maybe I should go check on him? I wonder where he is? Garden's so huge, and I don't even know where to begin really...
I thank the girl who has tirelessly helped me search for this book and tell her that I have to go meet someone. She smiles, and I think she's relieved to have me out of there (now she can get back to her work). Hmm...I wonder what everyone's been up to? I walk into the main "hallway" of Garden to begin my search, thinking as I walk. Hmmm...I doubt he'd be back in his dorm, and he's definitely not in the library (hehehe). That leaves the Infirmary, the Quad, the Cafeteria, and the Training Center...if I remember correctly. I really don't think he'd be in the Infirmary or Training Center, so...I'll check the cafeteria first, I suppose! Yay! I've finally made up my mind, so I head toward the cafeteria, hopefully to find Squall. I hope I didn't miss anything important...
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7th June 2005

terranprettyboy9:49pm: I'll admit, finding Amarant was a bit of a surprise.


As I'm thinking about all of the deciet I've pulled already, I wonder how much more I'll have to pull just to stay alive. Should I tell Zidane some things that I should have told him before?
True, I like living on the edge, but I don't want my tail in the crosshairs, if I can help it.

I don't have the resources I did last time, and there may even be a price on my head on Gaia, now that I'm alive.
In all honesty, talking to Demetra scared me a little.
She reminded me too much of myself, a part of myself I never again want to revert to.
True, then I was intelligent, but my use for that intelligence was so stupid.
I ran away from Death, but backed myself into a double-edged corner...
Face it, Kuja. In the end, Death always wins.

This time, I'm not running away. I can't. Simply because..
Life is..too short.

Ah! Enough Angst. I really must talk to Zidane. But..WHERE is he?

((Open to Zidane))

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6th June 2005

darkknightdemon8:47pm: Demon time!
The female demon sat on a tree branch, right outside a dorm window of Balamb Garden. Inside the dorm she was watching, there was a female human listening to some very loud music coming out of this black box. The demon named Francesca watched the human curiously.
Her purple wings stretched out a bit while her purple spiked tail twitched. Cocking her head to the side, she continued to watch. "Strange human indeed." Her voice was low, but one could still tell that she had a 'British' accent. If she hadn't been paying so much attention on the human, she would have sensed that there was a demon or two around...
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2nd June 2005

_thiefrikku11:40am: It's Rikku time!
"What a boring day!" Rikku whined to herself. She trudged along the sand of Besaid slowly, wishing that suddenly she'd be right their with her friends again.

"SO unfair! Why do I have to miss out on the fun?" Rikku tugged on her blonde hair and sighed, climbing onto a rock. The view from the rock was nice, but it wasn't anything she hadn't seen before. It wasn't nearly as exciting to her as it was a year ago.

"No Yunie, No Paine, No Gippy, No one!" Rikku pouted, stomping her foot down on the rock, "All alone with Brother and Pops ordering me around..."

Rikku stomped around some more, feeling slightly amused with the way she was letting out her frusteration. She jumped around some more, but only to lose footing and fall off the rock headfirst into the sand.

But, when she looked down it wasn't sand anymore. It was a room. A room with a bed, a desk, blankets. Before she had any time to think about it, she hit the ground with a loud thunk.

"OWWWWWWWWWIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She screamed loudly, jumping up and rubbing her shoulder, "Ouch! Ouch!" She glanced around the room and tilted her head, "Am I in someones... bedroom?"
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29th May 2005

aflowergirl11:25am: Aeris was standing on the beach of Costa Del Sol, remembering (albeit fuzzily) a time when she was here before...

things were coming back to her now... she could remember the names and places, she could remember the reasons that the names were in those places... but the confusion of the most recent days had yet to be resolved. Why was she here? And if she was here, was HE also alive again as well? And how was it that she was so certain of his death anyway?

So many unanswered questions...

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a firey red, four legged beast that looked... very farmilar...

Sheepishly, under her breath, she said to herself, "R... Red? Nenaki??"

From the other side of the beach, squinting as she walked toward them because of the glare of the sun off the sand, she waved her arms over her head, wondering if she was, after all of this, in some sort of a dream.

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28th May 2005

eyesforthesky10:05pm: Meanwhile in Costa Del Sol (sp?) in Corel, FF7's Gaia...
Cid landed the Highwind, his pride and joy, safely outside of the usual place where tourists like to stop at when visiting the continent, Corel. But the middle aged air pilot was tense. From what he's seen back in Kalm Town, with the goddamn black hole that emerged out of nowhere, it gave him plenty-a-reason to be tense. Red, Barret, and Herati walked into the entrance to Costa Del Sol to start looking for Tifa Lockheart.

Walking up to the receptionist at the information booth, he asked the woman, "Hey, ya seen a woman in her early twenties? Long dark brown wavy hair? Super model figure? Gloves on her hands?" The lady thought for a moment, and then said, "Hm, I might have seen someone like that, but my memory's been really...out of it lately. I'm sorry." Cid nodded, and decided to be equally polite to her in response. "Alright, I don't blame ya..." With that, he walked further into the little town, eyes blankly scanning his surroundings for Tifa, or any sign of her. Now, could she be at the beach? It's awfully fuckin' hot out here...
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25th May 2005

terranprettyboy11:14pm: I had quite a few new weapons in my arsenal now. Three, to be exact.
(Names to come later)
Making my way back to...whereever I was before, I saw that Noko and Rayek were still hanging around.

"Hello boys. Guess who's new on Demetra's payroll?"

((Open to Rayek or Noko or both..or whatever..))

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24th May 2005

rockergirlie849:07pm: OOC: Liz/Paine transcript
This is what happened right after Liz updated her journal...

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23rd May 2005

terranprettyboy9:55pm: I got the gil from Demetra, being her newest 'recruit'.
I may or may not like working for her..

But, she is no Garland. Her plans may actually work.
And, she pays handsomely, I may add.

Getting back onboard Doomtrain, I asked him, "Do you know where to go?"
Doomtrain assured me, "Indeed I do. Shall we head there?"

I nodded. "Yes, let's."

Not long after, I walked down a familiar path.


I remembered the name of a Master. One who could help me.

Hades stirred in his sleep. True, he had already been defeated by one. Zidane.

But..this man..is not Zidane. He was..different..

"You," Hades said, eyes aglow, burning embers of memory.
"You are a creator of war."

"And you're a Master Synthesist." Kuja said, "We all have our hobbies."


22nd May 2005

machina_expert9:14pm: Breakfast time for Gippal
Let's try this again. Gippal thought as he headed back to the cafeteria. After his 'chat' with Paine, he had forgotten about breakfast and chased after her. She seemed all right, and obviously she didn't want to be messed with right now. What should I get today? He put his hands behind his head as he walked into the cafeteria.

Grabbing himself some pancakes, bacon, and eggs, he took a seat at the nearest table and began eating.
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21st May 2005

rappingrapiers9:40pm: Outside of the Cafeteria
"Goddamnit...this sucks, I'm completely lost here!" shouted out someone who looked like they were only 11 or 12. He was short, adn extremely thin. His hair looked like it was a white-blonde, and his eyes were covered by pitch black sunglasses.

As he wound his way through the unfamiliar Garden, Benjamin Lyles let out another curse. "This fuckin' sucks! I can't find a Goddamned thing in this place! Now how the hell am I supposed to talk to Irvine!" And so on and so on.

After a few more minutes of wandering, he heard a voice. "So, what should we talk about?" it had asked. Apprently talkign to someone else. Maybe they could help him...

Walking cautiously up to where the two people were, Benjy watched them warily and kept a hand on one of the rapier hilts. One could never be too careful, or so his older brothers had taught him...

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17th May 2005

rockergirlie849:08pm: Another Unpleasant Surprise...
The sun shone through the window of the dorm I was staying in. I woke up in spite of the flashback dreams I was having. Who cares about that shit anymore? I...have a new life now. I got friends. A smile played across my lips. And one hot boyfriend. Snickering to myself, that thought alone brought me out of what I thought was going to be grumpiness. Oh, I couldn't wait to see Seifer again! ...And another part of me just wanted to check on Paine and Gippal, hoping that they'll talk and resolve it all.

I stretched and slid in a CD into my laptop. Strata's album. I skipped to one of my most favorite songs and softly began to sing along while stretching. Didn't want to sing any louder, for some people might still be sleeping:

"I am just a needle in your arm... I am just the skin around a scar... I am like a pill to help you heal... I was only trying to make you feel something..."

I remained in my dorm until the song ended, then decided to get some juice to drink, for starters, then eat some breakfast and take a walk...? I wasn't sure about today, for more arrivals might come. Speakin' of new arrivals... I found myself thinking of Abrianna, Zidane, and Kuja. More seperately, I silently wondered if he came back sometime during the night. He's probably still asleep. Shrugging, I made my way towards the cafeteria...

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