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Meanwhile in Costa Del Sol (sp?) in Corel, FF7's Gaia...

Cid landed the Highwind, his pride and joy, safely outside of the usual place where tourists like to stop at when visiting the continent, Corel. But the middle aged air pilot was tense. From what he's seen back in Kalm Town, with the goddamn black hole that emerged out of nowhere, it gave him plenty-a-reason to be tense. Red, Barret, and Herati walked into the entrance to Costa Del Sol to start looking for Tifa Lockheart.

Walking up to the receptionist at the information booth, he asked the woman, "Hey, ya seen a woman in her early twenties? Long dark brown wavy hair? Super model figure? Gloves on her hands?" The lady thought for a moment, and then said, "Hm, I might have seen someone like that, but my memory's been really...out of it lately. I'm sorry." Cid nodded, and decided to be equally polite to her in response. "Alright, I don't blame ya..." With that, he walked further into the little town, eyes blankly scanning his surroundings for Tifa, or any sign of her. Now, could she be at the beach? It's awfully fuckin' hot out here...
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