Kuja Tribal (terranprettyboy) wrote in ff_cjournalsrp,
Kuja Tribal

I'll admit, finding Amarant was a bit of a surprise.


As I'm thinking about all of the deciet I've pulled already, I wonder how much more I'll have to pull just to stay alive. Should I tell Zidane some things that I should have told him before?
True, I like living on the edge, but I don't want my tail in the crosshairs, if I can help it.

I don't have the resources I did last time, and there may even be a price on my head on Gaia, now that I'm alive.
In all honesty, talking to Demetra scared me a little.
She reminded me too much of myself, a part of myself I never again want to revert to.
True, then I was intelligent, but my use for that intelligence was so stupid.
I ran away from Death, but backed myself into a double-edged corner...
Face it, Kuja. In the end, Death always wins.

This time, I'm not running away. I can't. Simply because..
Life is..too short.

Ah! Enough Angst. I really must talk to Zidane. But..WHERE is he?

((Open to Zidane))
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