Herati Aldale (herati_aldale) wrote in ff_cjournalsrp,
Herati Aldale

On the deck of the flying Highwind.

White clouds rolled across the sky proudly displaying their grace and majesty. Through the breaks of the rolling mass one could see the green of the land that lay far beneath.

Herati was leaning against a guardrail on the deck of the Highwind as he gazed out to the spectacular scene before him. Whether his mind was out into the distance or residing between his two ears, he didn’t really know and it didn’t really matter. The time from Costa Del Sol to now seemed like a blur which was a little too uncomfortable for his taste. It might have been the sun or perhaps the sights that set his mind for a little trip but regardless, something did happen.

The clouds slowly dispersed and revealed of the expansive countryside that they were passing over. Small towns and farms dotted the green and fertile land. Far in the distance a small glimmering speck of perhaps another airship was cruising through the clouds.

Pulling away from the guardrail, Herati sat down on a secured cargo box. He let out a light breath as he let his eyes focus away form the distance and to the sketchbook in his hands. Herati opened the black leatherbound book to a blank page and pulled out a pencil. The wind was strong but his drive to capture this scene was stronger. And with that, the young man began to draw away.
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