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Sabbrianith Lea VanderElst

Sabby trains, but with who watching her?

After eating a small lunch nearly thirty minutes ago, Sabbrianith had told Benjy that she wanted to do some training, and left for the Training Center.
At this time of day, the TC was empty except for the monsters that roamed free. This, she liked. She had arrived at the TC five minutes ago, after grabbing her specially-made sword and knife out of her dorm. Sokra, she guessed, was the one who had left them in there for her. Though, it could’ve been any other of the group members.
With the sword’s sheath strapped around her back and her knife on the belt around her hips, she now looked for a worthy opponent. It didn’t take her long to find one; the monster was coming for her, looking ugly, yet curious about her. It walked on multiple legs, being green, and the tips of its long “tentacles” were red.
She immediately knew this creature wasn’t going to be a challenge, but she didn’t particularly care; she’d take any fight right now.
Pulling the sword from the sheath on her back, she twirled it around a couple times in her right hand. “Time to fight,” she said, letting the monster run closer to her. From her spot yards away, she could smell the ugly thing…
Only a minute or less into the fight, her sword had slashed through the beast, making it disappear a moment later. Sighing heavily, she scanned the area again, getting a bit impatient. “Where’s a T-Rexaur when you need one?” During her training, she had fought plenty of them, so one now would be lovely… “Here, dinodinodinodinodinoooooo,” she called out. “Fresh meat! Come and get it!” Heavy footsteps in the distance. “Oh yeah…” Getting her weapon ready, she waited --patiently, too.
The large dino showed up, sniffing the air. Its eyes locked onto her, a hungry look on its face. As it charged at her, she stood there, a calm expression on her face. It close enough now for her to feel the heat coming from its body, she flipped backwards, making the monster snap at the ground instead of her.
“Too slow,” she teased. The dino, once more, snapped at her; she dodged, jumping to the right. Taking this as her one and only chance, she sheathed the sword, then jumped onto the dino’s neck, knowing exactly what she was doing. She reached for her knife, but as she grabbed it, the dino swung her off of its neck and on the ground in front of her. Landing with a thud, she turned around to lie on her back, hearing the T-Rexaur walk up to her. It now just feet away from her, it tried to snap her into two with its massive jaws.
It was as if time had slowed down as Sabby drew her sword and flipped to her feet. She ducked, the jaws of the beast missing her, but her sword not missing its neck. She calmly stepped away from the monster as it started bleeding from the slice on its throat, and before long, it disappeared like the other had. Turning to face where the monster had been, she smirked. “I still got it.” Her sword was put back in its sheath and she stretched. “Yup, still got it.”

OOC: Open to Amarant! Hope you can work from this ;)
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