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OOC: Liz/Paine transcript

This is what happened right after Liz updated her journal...

PaineIsAPain: Hello.
TryThisOnForSais: Hey...

PaineIsAPain: Guess you don't feel too good...

TryThisOnForSais: No, I'm still a bit mad and frustrated... my "old man" came to visit me, and he says I called him and I HAVE NOT. ...I've had my cell phone turned off the whole damn time... Although I don't know where it is right now, I've been meaning to throw that one away and get a new one

PaineIsAPain: Possible prank?

TryThisOnForSais: This is so freakin' strange... I don't understand this at all... I don't know. I've never told ANYBODY but Seifer, and now you about Thadius

TryThisOnForSais: Look, I...I guess I'll meet you in the T.C., okay?

PaineIsAPain: Okay.

TryThisOnForSais: *Liz signs off her laptop and just sits there, thinking over what she's just shared with Paine. Thoughts: Where the hell is my cell phone anyway? ...I don't remember throwing it away*

TryThisOnForSais: *thoughts cont: Okay, just stop thinking for now. Stop thinking and wait until you reach the Training Center...*

TryThisOnForSais: *Liz strolls past Squall, Amarant, brushes past Coombs, and also sees Irvine, but ignores them as she walks the small distance to the TC*

TryThisOnForSais: *enters TC and starts skim the area for Paine*

PaineIsAPain: Hey, over here. *She waves. She is seated near a tree, her sword near her.*

TryThisOnForSais: *walks over to the tree, her shoulders sag a little as she sits down in the grass beside her*

PaineIsAPain: Wanna talk now? If not, we could just sit here or fight some monsters.

TryThisOnForSais: ...*looks down blankly at her jeans* I think I'm going somewhere, and I shouldn't stop what I've started.

PaineIsAPain: *Paine sits there and listens*

TryThisOnForSais: *sits and tries to figure all this mess out as she speaks* ...Maybe someone took my cell phone, but I don't know who. Seifer wouldn't do anything like this. *looks up and half smiles at Paine, letting her see the redness in her eyes* Of course you wouldn't do such a thing either. *shrugs* I wouldn't do it, and I kind of know you like I know myself.

PaineIsAPain: *smiles* I wouldn't ever do such a thing. You haven't made me as your enemy yet. *She kept that smile on her face as she said that.*

TryThisOnForSais: *emits a sound that almost sounds like a snicker* Tch. I only got one enemy, personally, and I recently told him to shut it. So, I don't think I have to worry about him trying to talk to me anymore...

PaineIsAPain: Good. Ya know, if he ever bothers you again, just call me. I can take care of him.

TryThisOnForSais: It's just confusing though. He must have been drunk or some shit like that. I never dialed his number. Never.

TryThisOnForSais: *blinks as she looks at Paine still* Nah, I can handle him myself. I've shut him out before, and this morning, so I can do it again.

PaineIsAPain: Okay, just offerin'. I made a damn good bodyguard, though.

TryThisOnForSais: *does a slow nod and looks forward, blinking again and tries to ignore the slight itchiness she has after crying* Yeah...

PaineIsAPain: So how are things going with Seifer?

TryThisOnForSais: I believe it's fine. I haven't seen him so far today though. *shrugs* He must be sleepin' still.

TryThisOnForSais: *thoughts: ...maybe i'd let Seifer know, so maybe he could try to think of something that could... Damn, I'm not thinking too clearly...*

TryThisOnForSais: *eyebrows slightly narrow in annoyance* Y'know, this thief around here's tricky. But, it can't be anybody I know... And he must have had some good voice talent to sound like me.

TryThisOnForSais: *sighs, hands lightly thrown up in the air and they land on the ground at her sides* That's all I can think of.

PaineIsAPain: If he knew me, he'd know not to take my stuff. So they must not be anyone we know.

TryThisOnForSais: My thoughts exactly. *pauses and takes it in a bit*

TryThisOnForSais: *Liz starts to stand*

PaineIsAPain: Bored?

TryThisOnForSais: *half smiles* Starting to get bored...

PaineIsAPain: Same here. *She stands* I've been in here for a while anyway.

TryThisOnForSais: *changes the subject... thoughts: That red haired guy...I wonder who he is...* So, didja hear about the red haired stranger yet?

PaineIsAPain: No, sure haven't.

TryThisOnForSais: Didn't catch the name, but on the way over, I noticed Squall-ass, Coombs, and Irvine. I don't know what bug crawled up that other guy's ass, but I'm slightly curious to know why he's here.

PaineIsAPain: I wouldn't mind knowing either.

TryThisOnForSais: So, let's meet up with the guys... *starts to head out of the TC*

PaineIsAPain: *Picks up sword and follows her*
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