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Where Rinoa has been all this time...

sigh...I've been holed up in this library for...well, a long time. I still can't find the book I was looking for, so I don't think they have it here. I wonder what Squall's been up to all this time? Maybe I should go check on him? I wonder where he is? Garden's so huge, and I don't even know where to begin really...
I thank the girl who has tirelessly helped me search for this book and tell her that I have to go meet someone. She smiles, and I think she's relieved to have me out of there (now she can get back to her work). Hmm...I wonder what everyone's been up to? I walk into the main "hallway" of Garden to begin my search, thinking as I walk. Hmmm...I doubt he'd be back in his dorm, and he's definitely not in the library (hehehe). That leaves the Infirmary, the Quad, the Cafeteria, and the Training Center...if I remember correctly. I really don't think he'd be in the Infirmary or Training Center, so...I'll check the cafeteria first, I suppose! Yay! I've finally made up my mind, so I head toward the cafeteria, hopefully to find Squall. I hope I didn't miss anything important...
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