Sophia Almasy (sophiaalmasy) wrote in ff_cjournalsrp,
Sophia Almasy

Rinoa had joined them and Sophia was glad that she was all right. She hadn't seen her in a while, ever since they arrived back at Garden. Things have just been hectic lately, that was all. Demetra showing up and all the other good things.

Sophia looked over at Rinoa. "We're kinda worried about Gippal, so after we check-up on Luci, we'll check up on him. I haven't seen him lately, but I think Liz has." Her gaze fell on Liz. "The last thing I heard about him was that he and Paine got into a fight and are still fighting."

"I wouldn't call it fighting, sis. They just ain't talking to each other." Seifer pointed out.
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