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The Tour with Paine as the Guide! YIKES!!

Paine led Rikku out of the dorm and down the hall. When they exited the dormitory, Paine pointed to the right. "Over there is the cafeteria, the Infirmary, the Quad; and over there," she pointed to the left. "Is the Parking Lot, the Library, and the Training Center. End of tour." Short tour, yes, but Paine was never one this kind of thing. "You shouldn't have too much trouble finding places around here; everything has signs in front of it."

Crossing her arms, she looked sideways at the hyper one. "Yuna may be in her dorm, I don't know." And like I really care where Gippal is right now. "Nooj is here also, but I don't know where he is either. Possibly eating breakfast. Who knows." She shrugged. "Any questions?"
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