Kuja Tribal (terranprettyboy) wrote in ff_cjournalsrp,
Kuja Tribal

I was talking with Zidane, regarding my official status as a Double-Agent, though my true agendas were unknown to both sides.
Things in the conversation were going well. We were talking, and I found the conversation peaceful, almost refreshing in a sense.

It seemed to make me realize what I was getting into, and how far I was going in.
How careful I would have to be, how strong and how much I would have to watch out for..

Strange.. the things I get myself in to.

Still, we were talking, and all seemed going well.
Imagine my surprise when a girl with a tail, just like me and Zidane, only one I've never seen before, came falling from the sky! Well.. not the sky, but not actually falling from a tree or somesuch. She just appeared..and fell.
Pretending not to notice, I saw her pick herself up after looking at me with a strange glance, almost a glare.
Hmm.. I wonder. Did she come from Gaia? Or from Terra? Is she a Genome? Or is this a sickening coincidence?

"Um...Zidane. I do believe we have company." I said slightly, trying my best not to get the girls attention so I didn't startle her.
She was rather lovely..her expressions were beautiful, and her eyes..
Those dark, stunning eyes..
One could fall in them and get stuck, I fear. I must do my best to stay afloat, should I not?

((Open to Zidane, to be followed by Mikoto))
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