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After arriving at her dorm, Paine closed the door and locked it. She didn't know exactly why she was listening to what the ghost had told her, but the girl seemed pretty worried.

As if to answer her, the ghost girl spoke up. "When I am gone, you will probably start to hear voices in your head, like the last time."

Paine knew exactly what she meant by "the last time"... Nodding, she sat on the bed, prepared for anything. Or so she thought.

"Oh, and close your eyes." The girl disappeared, leaving Paine alone in the room. She could tell that the girl had left because it felt like a wall had been taken down inside her mind. That, and the small murmur of voices that she started to hear. She remembered the last thing the girl had said, and closed her eyes, feeling a new presence in the room. Then there was another, and another, she lost count after the first five --the voices just blurred together.

The voices filled her hearing, making her cover her ears, curl up and keep her eyes closed. She felt like hours had passed when only ten minutes had before the voices died down. Must've gotten used to it, or something, she thought, removing her hands and sitting up. When she looked around the room, she expected to see the ghost girl standing there, but she saw nothing. Nothing at all.

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