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Leroy Coombs

The Investigation Continues

OOC: Hey everybody! Anyone can join in but Squall and Rinoa. They'll probably get their own seperate scene. Sorry that I've been away. Stupid Bell's Palsy...

"Yes, thank you for your time," Coombs said to Gippal, feeling he's asked all he needed from the young man. He was jotting the notes down in his little, pocket sized notepad. When he finished writing, he placed his yellowish number 2 pencil behind his ear and kept the notepad out.

So, who's next, the detective wondered, scanning around the cafeteria. He saw a group of familiar people. Yuna, Liz, Seifer, Sophia... He recalled their names silently. Even the new girl was there, who seemed bright enough. Rikku was her name, right? Since she was newest, he'd ask her questions later.

One thing was for certain. Seifer wasn't going next. Coombs would regret it if he decided to talk to that punk right away. It was best to wait. ...What did Liz see in this guy anyway? In the older man's eyes, he's been mostly mischief and trouble. Questioning Liz herself (not about Seifer, but...he knew what) next seemed like a bad idea as well. Almasy would be protective of her again.

Paine was no where to be seen. He must've probably thought that she would be next. He saw Squall and Rinoa chatting privately, but something told him that they needed some time alone. So, he decided to go up to the table and talk with Yuna, or Sophia. Either one of them would do okay.

Casually and calmly, Leroy Coombs walked up to the larger group of faces he recognized. "Good afternoon," he said, making his voice loud and clear enough for all of them to hear. "Yuna or Sophia. Any of you two okay to step outside with me so I could ask you some questions?"

OOC: The best I could improvise with on short notice! To tell you the truth, my mind is mostly elsewhere.
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